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A Digital Future

The world is changing. Digital is a major cause and major catalyst. Digital solves big problems and creates big problems for humanity.

Digital has connected us together like never before. It's made our lives easier and safer. It's enabled us to achieve remarkable things. However, it will eventually take many of our jobs and with it, for many, our sense of purpose. Digital can be used to influence people in positive ways and manipulate them in negative ways. People will grow to love and grow to resent digital.

As experts in digital and human behaviour we are at the centre of this change and feel a strong sense of responsibility to do something to influence our future in a positive way. We want to help create a digital future in which everyone is free to do what they love.

What do we value?

You're here because you have these values in your heart. Values drive your behaviour and our collective behaviour is our culture. Culture is the key to our success.

●     Humanity: We value humanity above all else.

●     Courage: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t - you’re right.” - Henry Ford

●     Resourcefulness: Humans got to the moon with the computing power of a digital watch.

●     Reciprocity: To be truly successful we give first and are open to receiving.

●     Growth: Personal development, growing our clients and growth of the agency.

What do we do?

We're an independent agency obsessed with human behaviour, creativity, technology and communication.

We have a secret sauce: we were the first agency to bring high-tech digital and a high-tech understanding of humans together. This gives LAB the ability to create high performance digital solutions that are elegant, purposeful and extremely effective.

LAB has a consultative approach to almost everything we do. We like to build a deep understanding of our clients and their challenges and use a variety of models and intellectual property to solve those problems.

Our mission is to use our understanding of human behaviour and digital, the modern day superpowers, to help brands succeed. We use our influence to lead our clients, suppliers, partners and network to help create a digital future in which everyone is free to do what they love.

You can find out more about us on our website:

Sound like something that you would be interested in? If you would love to see a day in the life of our lovely LABSTER's then maybe a two week work experience placement will help give you some insight. LAB work experience placement is designed to allow individuals to get a taste for the world of all things Digital, if you fancy getting a better insight into our departments (maverick Creatives, Production, Account Management, Neuroscience or our wicked Dev team) then drop your CV alongside a short covering letter detailing why you want to come to LAB.

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