Office Manager and PA

Soho, London

A Digital Future

The world is changing. Digital is a major cause and major catalyst. Digital solves big problems and creates big problems for humanity.

Digital has connected us together like never before. It's made our lives easier and safer. It's enabled us to achieve remarkable things. However, it will eventually take many of our jobs and with it, for many, our sense of purpose. Digital can be used to influence people in positive ways and manipulate them in negative ways. People will grow to love and grow to resent digital.

As experts in digital and human behaviour we are at the centre of this change and feel a strong sense of responsibility to do something to influence our future in a positive way. We want to help create a digital future in which everyone is free to do what they love.

What do we value?

You're here because you have these values in your heart. Values drive your behaviour and our collective behaviour is our culture. Culture is the key to our success.

●     Humanity: We value humanity above all else.

●     Courage: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t - you’re right.” - Henry Ford

●     Resourcefulness: Humans got to the moon with the computing power of a digital watch.

●     Reciprocity: To be truly successful we give first and are open to receiving.

●     Growth: Personal development, growing our clients and growth of the agency.

What do we do?

We're an independent agency obsessed with human behaviour, creativity, technology and communication.

We have a secret sauce: we were the first agency to bring high-tech digital and a high-tech understanding of humans together. This gives LAB the ability to create high performance digital solutions that are elegant, purposeful and extremely effective.

LAB has a consultative approach to almost everything we do. We like to build a deep understanding of our clients and their challenges and use a variety of models and intellectual property to solve those problems.

Our mission is to use our understanding of human behaviour and digital, the modern day superpowers, to help brands succeed. We use our influence to lead our clients, suppliers, partners and network to help create a digital future in which everyone is free to do what they love.

You can find out more about us on our website:



At LAB everyone has at least three things that they are accountable for. These are things that your colleagues count on you to do. For your role, these are:

  • Keep the UK office running brilliantly
  • Keep the directors’ diaries well-managed
  • Make all our guests (in person and on the phone) feel welcomed


Success looks like…

  • An office where everything works like clockwork
  • Directors that know where they need to be at the right time and don’t have clashes and conflicts
  • Phone or face to face communication for our guests, clients, suppliers and staff in UK office feel welcomed and looked after.


A day in the life might look like…

The role will be split across three key areas, none of which are individually demanding, but collectively will need you to be well organised and be a clear communicator.

The day-to-day duties will be split across:

  • PA work: working with the directors of the business to ensure they can trust their diaries and are well organised. Some weeks this will be very busy and others it can be quiet, but it takes priority over the other responsibilities of the role.
  • Office management: the office isn’t mega busy, with about 30 people based here, but usually only around 20 in the building. Set across 5 floors in the heart of Soho, it’s vibrant and fun place to be, especially in the roof garden in summer. To keep the office running smoothly we have a range of people that need to be managed including cleaners, a handy-man, orders from Ocado and Amazon and quite a few more. It’s not time-consuming, but it needs to be managed with a consistent approach.
  • Front-of-House: We have around 5-20 calls a day to the office, most are support calls and can be quickly transferred, but there will be many calls from people trying to sell their services or sales calls. The role is to know who is a client, who might be a client, who is a supplier and who wants to be a supplier and push them in the right direction. On top of this, we have regular visitors to the office and they need to be greeted, given drinks, and to ensure that in advance meeting rooms are prepared to receive them.

To get a bit more specific about the role:


  • Diary management
    • Arranging meetings with contacts, staff, suppliers, clients and prospects
    • Arranging internal meetings
    • Managing meetings rooms (and efficient use of)
  • Inbox management
    • Replying to emails on behalf of Directors
    • Filing / deleting emails that have been dealt with
    • Deleting junk/notification emails
  • Organising travel (including international travel)
    • Planning
    • Booking
    • Itinerary
  • Managing LinkedIn
    • Using the MD’s login
    • Arranging meetings
    • Clearing inbox

Office Management

  • Managing the relationship with the office’s existing cleaning company
  • Ordering and managing the delivery of bottled water, food, booze, stationary and various other office-related suppliers
  • Finding and managing a handyman to ensure high standards in the office
  • Working with our in-house tech team to ensure office tech is working as it should
  • Filing/tidying of important documents plus storing / removing anything lying around for any length of time
  • Managing the fire safety & compliance management company
  • Understanding office security, the alarm system and ensuring security procedures are followed by all
  • Lazing on the roof garden when it’s sunny and while you’re there, watering the plants once in a while.


  • Preparing meeting rooms / general office environment ready to receive guests
  • Helping in advance of pitches to set up the office
  • Meeting and greeting all guests at the front-door
  • Being the first to grab the phone and filter and redirect calls appropriately
  • Listing to the needs of the people in the office and helping to set expectations or meeting those needs
  • Any ad hoc admin and being involved in organising social events such as Summer and Christmas parties, Townhall and many more events. 


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