Project Manager Position

Technical Project Manager / Digital Producer


Job description

At Lab, we are passionate about technical solutions that delight humans. Our delivery is managed and led by a team who are first and foremost enthusiastic about bringing together our visionary team of creatives and talented team of digital engineers in aid of building and launching beautiful websites. Usually with the latest, greatest tech stacks - our platform sweet spots being Drupal 8 and Sitecore 9 (and we like to throw in Umbraco, Wordpress, etc in every now and then).

You will get to lead and manage projects from discovery through to design, build and the product’s ongoing evolution. Deliverables can vary from digital transformation (re-branding and engagement) through to content/social strategy and digital production (all in aid of delighting the humans who use the solutions we design and build).

That’s why you are more than just a project manager… you could be a digital producer!


At Lab everyone has at least three things that they are accountable for. These are things that your colleagues and clients count on you to do. For your role, these are:

Product Specification & Ownership

  • Deep understanding and ownership of product / campaign vision
  • Functional Specification output as prototypes aligned with client expectations
  • Technical specification (in collaboration with Technical leads) clear and understood by your client

Project Delivery

  • Development and ownership of high level project plan and schedule
  • Liaising with various teams to deliver the product / campaign vision
  • Delivery of the solution within the right time frame, within agreed budget and at high quality

Stakeholder Communication

  • Understanding of stakeholder roles & responsibilities
  • Reporting clearly to all project stakeholders
  • Aligning teams to aid delivery of the solution

Success looks like...

  • A high percentage of projects running at or above profitable levels
  • Operating projects and communications in such a way as to minimise client complaints
  • Communication of deliverables and deadlines, and executing to those deliverables and deadlines
  • Harmonious relationships between Delivery, CS, Development
  • The company working as a whole towards clearly established client and internal vision and goals

A day in the life might look like...

  • Running projects / campaigns of an appropriate level of complexity or delicacy.
  • Organising workshops, meetings and teams to achieve defined goals.
  • Peer-reviewing project documentation (largely creative / communication).
  • Guardian of time / project profit, resource allocation and standard of work (QA)
  • Collaborating with respective delivery teams to ensure alignment and direction (Consultancy, Creative, Development, Finance)
    • Development & management of RAID, Change logs, RACI chart and Project Plan
      • Roles & Responsibilities for delivery of a project
      • Clearing assumptions and issues throughout the lifecyle of a project
      • Accounting for risks and dependencies (contingency planning)
    • Proxy Product Owner in Sprint planning / Daily Stand-ups / Retrospectives
    • Communication: Internal and External
  • Developing and reviewing for internal and external approval, specifications / prototypes and acceptance criteria.
  • Responding to client questions and correspondence.

Your greatest achievements will be…

  • Alignment with the client on the vision and scope for a project
  • Controlling scope or managing expectations to stay within budget
  • Staying calm and controlled when under pressure from multiple sources
  • Keeping resources focused on delivering high quality work, within budget and on time.
  • Balancing business priorities with client and staff priorities
  • Taking absolute ownership of your projects throughout delivery
  • Keeping client and team happiness levels balanced and positive
  • Confidence from clients and colleagues that when approached the Delivery team will be a trusted department to deliver projects and tasks safely and well.


What do we do?

We're an independent agency obsessed with human behaviour, creativity, technology and communication.

We have a secret sauce: we were the first agency to bring high-tech digital and a high-tech understanding of humans together. This gives LAB the ability to create high performance digital solutions that are elegant, purposeful and extremely effective.

LAB has a consultative approach to almost everything we do. We like to build a deep understanding of our clients and their challenges and use a variety of models and intellectual property to solve those problems. Our mission is to use our understanding of human behaviour and digital, the modern day superpowers, to help brands succeed. We use our influence to lead our clients, suppliers, partners and network to help create a digital future in which everyone is free to do what they love.


To Apply

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