Tom Head Featured in Bizibl AI Whitepaper

Artificial intelligence and the implications of its development are widely discussed nowadays in the digital industry – and at Lab as well. Due to our interest and insight into this topic, Tom Head, Lab’s Sales and Marketing Director, has been featured in Bizibl Marketing’s new whitepaper, A Blagger’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence. Touching upon points such as the relevance of AI and chatbots, Tom’s input offers valuable insight into what Artificial Intelligence means for businesses today.

Here are a few excerpts from the whitepaper:

Tom Head says that his agency are experimenting with commerce chatbots - having built a test site with a bot as the primary method of interaction. The initial finding was that customers had to work quite hard to find what they were looking for. “If you think about the information you need - style, brand, occasion, gender, etc - there’s no start point,” says Head, suggesting that the AI effectively has to ask a string of questions before it can start making product recommendations. Attempting to understand intent is much more of a challenge, because when training and coding the AI, there’s a natural tendency to think in programming terms - “…particularly when you’ve got developers coming from a logical ‘if-this-then-that’ background, where we’re looking at process flows”. The chatbot engines that support the majority of deployments are constantly improving however, so we can expect to see exponential improvement in this respect. Head summarised Lab’s work by pointing out that the technology is still young, it’s growing fast, and there’s a lot more to come. They are achieving results now, particularly with narrow applications, but it’s important to consider potentially frustrating customer experiences when deploying chatbots in the wild.

Answering the question “Am I solving a problem, or jumping on a bandwagon?” Tom suggested that perhaps a better way to phrase the question might be “Are we going to be creating a better experience for the majority of our customers by implementing AI?” The same rules apply when adopting AI as with any other technology – don’t start with the buzzword and ask how your company can get involved. Examine the specific problems that you face and see if AI offers a way of solving them. Importantly; look for opportunities to create better experiences. If your issues are to do with scale – too much data, too many customer service requests – the chances are that AI is a suitable tool. 

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For more insights into the exciting and future-facing field of AI, download Bizibl’s Whitepaper here.

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By Teodora Miscov

Following her passion for all things digital, Teodora moved to London with the goal of completing her BA in Digital Media Communications at the University of Westminster. Having just finished her formal education, she is now pursuing her career in the vibrant Soho as the Marketing Executive at Lab. Her interest for art and philosophy finds a release on her personal blog, which she has been running for six years. Catch up with Teodora on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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