GDPR: The Facts

What is GDPR?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and I’m sure you will have heard the phrase being used a lot in the last few months. Once put in place, the GDPR will determine how your business does business, and particularly how it manages, protects and administers personal data in the future (DMA).

The GDPR aims to strengthen and unify data protection for the European Union (EU) as well as countries who resource goods or services inside the EU.

The new regulations will be coming into practice into 2018, so this is a great time to start preparing and finding out what this will mean for your business. Lab have rounded up the best GDPR resources to refer to;  

  • Freeman Clarke: GDPR: A simple guide for CEOs (and what to do right now)  
    Graeme Freeman, Co-Founder and Director of Freeman Clarke, commented that GDPR is ‘…a very difficult area. The regulations are long, complicated and difficult to summarise. In addition, no one yet knows what this will mean in practice.’

    Thankfully, Freeman Clarke’s guide for CEO’s provides insights into the 7 key areas of GDPR and what businesses should be doing to ensure they avoid fines.    

  • DMA: GDPR and You
    DMA have produced an interesting whitepaper that examines how prepared marketers are for the changes in regulation. The DMA found differing levels of awareness and preparedness for the GDPR between B2B and B2C marketers, and very little consensus for who should be responsible for managing the changes within organisations. 


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