A Quick Chat with Lab - What CMOs Believe Is Key to Digital Transformation



Lab recently co-hosted a round table comprised of c-suite executives representing a variety of sectors. The discussion took place behind closed doors in London, giving the attendees a chance to speak freely about their thoughts and unique perspectives on digital transformation.

The discussion was rich with insights and fresh ideas when it comes to not only defining what exactly digital transformation is, but what the challenges are that come with implementing a successful digital transformation plan.

We will divulge more of our findings and insights from this top-level discussion in the next several weeks, but for now, we wanted to let Lab Director Tom Head break down what our CMOs and directors at Lab consider to be the key factors for a successful digital transformation strategy.


See the video, here


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Paige Guyan - Marketing Manager at Lab

By Paige Guyan

Paige brings a decade of marketing experience to Lab. Paige has been a published journalist in the American music and fashion industries, and is now an Inbound Certified marketing professional within the UK digital community.

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