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The New Lab Brand - Putting elegant communication and human understanding at the heart of what we do


Thirteen years after our agency's inception, we are thrilled to be launching a new chapter, a new image and a new focus, which puts human understanding and elegant communication at the heart of everything we do.


Starting from humble beginnings in Guildford, our growing agency now employs nearly 50 people across four international offices and has been named one of the fastest growing and highest rated digital agencies in the UK.


A Passion for Human Understanding


After a milestone merger with Neuro Agency earlier this year and an expansion in services to include neuromarketing, our goal is to lead our industry through innovation and make our mark as one of the most human-savvy agencies in the UK.


Lab new website revealed in mobile



The new branding reflects our dedication to understanding human behaviour and creating deeply engaging digital experiences through a mixture of psychology, behavioural economics and neuromarketing.


“We want to be the most human-savvy digital agency in the country,” says Lab Director, Tom Head. “It’s about having a deep understanding of human behaviour that filters right through the agency and influences all areas of our work. We have a strong ethos around delivering results and that’s what we’re doing by helping our clients develop a greater understanding of what’s happening inside their business, what’s happening with their market and utilising technology to the maximum effect.”


“As we have evolved as a business, the solutions we deliver are bigger and they affect more people, whether that’s users and consumers or our clients themselves,” adds Director of Human Technology, Daryll Scott. “We feel a deep sense of responsibility to understand the impact of what we do.”


Scott continued: “The more we move into bigger solutions, the more it becomes about understanding the game we are really playing; which is engaging users, consumers and communities. The difference between okay performance and brilliant performance is a result of how well we understand the human element.”


Jonny Tooze, MD & Founder of Lab commented, “Digital is owning more and more of the customer touch points. As a digital agency we have the opportunity to bring both beauty and efficiency to the world, which has a positive impact in everyone’s lives. Our new brand reflects the growth and development of Lab over the last few years. I’m truly excited that we are now offering this unique service to our clients and the incredible impact it’s having on their organisations.”


When asked to best describe the creative direction of the new brand, Lab Creative Director, Tom O’Connor said, “Our new approach embraces the need to be beautifully succinct in a world of limitless communication. When one line tells the story, we write it. When one stroke paints the picture, we draw it.”


We are delighted to reveal our new branding via our website on Thursday the 14th of July.


Paige Guyan - Marketing Manager at Lab

By Paige Guyan

Paige brings a decade of marketing experience to Lab. Paige has been a published journalist in the American music and fashion industries, and is now an Inbound Certified marketing professional within the UK digital community.

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