Lab Welcomes Daryll Scott as Human Technologist


We are delighted to announce that we have appointed human behavioural science and communications expert, Daryll Scott to the role of Human Technologist. Daryll joins the team at Lab to further develop the agency’s growth and expand its services to include innovative insights into consumer behaviour.


Internationally renowned author and developer on the subject of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Daryll brings over 12 years of insights from NLP and psychology back into an agency environment, positioning Lab to be industry leaders in the emerging field of neuromarketing - the use of tools and techniques to observe and measure emotional, implicit, non-conscious, non-articulated, pre-cognitive processes.

We have invested heavily in neuromarketing and now offer a comprehensive range of processes for deep insight into consumer behaviour with robust, practical, creative interpretation.

“We are delighted to have Daryll as part of the growing team at Lab,” says Jonny Tooze, Lab Managing Director. “Neuromarketing and the understanding of what truly motivates your audience is becoming such an important factor in today’s competitive digital world and Daryll is one of the best in the country in this field. His expertise will enable Lab to offer a whole range of exciting new services and underpins the next few years of our development as a world-class agency.“


Lab and Neuromarketing – Why is it so important?


There is no question that non-conscious processes dominate our perception and decision-making. Neuromarketing is about measuring those nonconscious response to stimulus – those knee-jerk reactions and emotional responses.

 “The challenge is that even our complex decisions are often non-conscious, and the more we try to articulate them, the more we move away from the truth. Most agency disciplines revolve around asking people what they think,” says Scott. “People don’t know why they do what they do. So when they’re asked - they make it up.”

Our mission with the venture into neuromarketing is to observe, measure, anticipate and respond to how people make decisions in an emotional, non-conscious way and to deliver interpretations – not just data.


Tom Head, Lab Director, adds: “It’s not just about collecting data, it’s about interpreting it and adding creativity to deliver results.”

“We are bringing in a whole new level of human understanding,” says Scott. “At the heart of what we do at Lab is create a better experience and the only way to create a better and more rewarding experience for a consumer is to know what is going on at an emotional level, i.e. the emotional [EX]perience”


Watch this space for exciting news about our new venture...

Paige Guyan - Marketing Manager at Lab

By Paige Guyan

Paige brings a decade of marketing experience to Lab. Paige has been a published journalist in the American music and fashion industries, and is now an Inbound Certified marketing professional within the UK digital community.

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