.shop Now Available - Can the new domain help brands create a better online experience?

GMO Internet Group company, GMO Registry, Inc. announced earlier this week that the domain .shop, will be generally available as of the 26th September — in fact, over 5,000 trademark holders and eCommerce retailers have already registered. 

The new top level domain for eCommerce was launched at this week’s Retail’s Digital Summit 2016 in Dallas, Texas, making waves across the digital world and being hailed by early adopters as the new global home of eCommerce. Marketers are already seeing the benefits of the new domain, which will not only help both online and offline retailers become more easily discoverable online, but brands can now use the .shop domain to distinguish their corporate website from their online shop.

According to the official release:

The global eCommerce market has expanded more than 20% year-over-year for the past 5 years (source: emarketer) and continues to grow, yet in most countries eCommerce penetration is still in the single digits. .shop is coming to market at a time when we are still at the dawn of eCommerce industry.

Registration of .shop is now open to all brands with something to sell online or offline, including businesses offering digital content, eCommerce solutions providers and businesses in the B2B space.  

How will a .shop domain create a better experience for online shoppers?

We asked a few members of our senior staff how the new .shop domain may or may not help brands create a better online experience for their customers. 

Here is what they had to say:

Justin Thorne, Head of Strategy & Performance Marketing

Unless your brand is Top Shop or Pound Shop, it's another meaningless domain designed to spin money from website owners and has nothing to do with creating better experiences for customers.

Toby Kesterton, Client Account Director

The new .shop domain creates options for companies where the main business is not eCommerce, but they need a small shop.

Jonny Tooze, Managing Director


Grab your domains, protect your brand, then stick on the shelf. It's not worth having any form of strategy around this unless you already use "shop.yourdomain.com" to separate out your commerce from your core business. Now you can just have "yourdomain.shop" instead ... if you give the slightest f@*!.

Sound interesting? 

For more information on incorporating a .shop domain into your eCommerce strategy, get in touch with our experts at hello@lab.co.uk.
Paige Guyan - Marketing Manager at Lab

By Paige Guyan

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