It’s not the ingredients, it’s the recipe

To create deeply engaging experiences we need deep human insight. At Lab we blend a mixture of psychology, behavioural economics and neuromarketing to predict, measure and influence non-conscious, emotional reactions.

Relevancy through empathy

Consumers are irrational - so we have developed a unique approach based on established psychological theories to quickly and clearly identify the irrational desires of your target audience.

Gain a deeper understanding of your customer, make better predictions of their responses and influence them more precisely.


Consumers are emotional - so we use research methods from neuroscience to predict, measure and influence non-conscious, emotional reactions and perceptions.

Make any communication more effective and de-risk your creative spend by measuring emotional impact.

Neuro Linguistic Search™

It’s noisy out there in search engines and often ‘friction’ is required to cut through the chicken soup of advertisers fighting over clicks. Use neuro-linguistic principles to influence consumers and disrupt their usual search habits with relevancy, surprise and cognitive nudges that transform performance.