Branding Agency

The Why

LAB is a digital branding agency that focuses on neuromarketing principles to create audience-driven results.

A business’ branding is of core importance - we know that consumer perception of a brand will dictate whether they really engage with it, and often it’s a non-conscious decision.

We all have brands we trust or, equally, have negative associations with. At LAB we identify the effectiveness of branding by gauging how consumers subconsciously feel about it.


The What

Our unique blend of creative strategy and behavioural economics enables us to create branding which speaks to your target markets.

We use a detailed understanding of human psychology to deep-dive into our clients’ target audiences, allowing us to produce the most suitable, unique and effective branding for your company.

As humans, we make decisions every day and a significant number are driven by unconscious influences that we are unable to logically grasp. We help our clients to understand the subconscious decisions, behaviours and biases of their customers to target them more effectively. 


The How

We have been pioneering the understanding of unconscious consumer behaviour for the last three years. A huge part of our approach to branding is neuro-testing. This provides insights into how audiences are feeling as they interact with a brand, where they’re looking, and where their attention is fixated, providing valuable data into the effectiveness of a channel.

This process is unique to LAB and involves three key elements: facial coding, eye tracking and galvanic skin response.



So What? 

We use these three aspects to influence the branding we create, revising and testing on your target audience, allowing the data to guide us in the right direction so that we create branding that truly resonates with your target market.

At LAB we understand that in the current digital landscape, everybody’s time is precious. In order to make a real difference to our customers, we must first understand them. 

To create truly engaging brands, we need in-depth human insights. Understanding your customers and target markets enables us to provide content and creative that attracts and engages your audience.



About LAB - Digital Branding Agency in London

LAB is a multi-award winning branding agency based in Soho, London and Cape Town, South Africa. We offer a full suite of digital services that utilise neuromarketing principles to positively influence consumer behaviour by providing an in-depth understanding of behavioural economics and the non-conscious decisions, biases and behaviours of customers or target markets.


We have been providing digital branding services for almost twenty years and our experienced team has grown to 55 full-time neuromarketing experts. 


Whether it be branding, graphic design, digital marketing, web development, web hosting or executive coaching, our approach puts human behaviour at the heart of it to help us create strategic campaigns or projects that generate results. 


Get in touch to speak to a member of the LAB team and find out how introducing neuroscientific principles into your marketing strategy can benefit your business at