Graphic Design Agency

The Why

LAB is a London-based graphic design agency that utilises neuromarketing principles to understand and influence consumers and generate audience-driven results.


We know that the digital landscape is saturated. We believe that cutting through the noise requires an audience-oriented approach to graphic design to create outputs that are memorable, effective and specifically designed for select target audiences.  



The What

LAB’s unique blend of creative strategy and behavioural economics enables us to produce designs that are specifically suited to our clients’ target markets.

Using an in-depth understanding of behavioural economics, human psychology, data and analytics, we are able to gain valuable insights into what is going to work - even if you or your customers don’t know it yet.  

As humans - and consumers - we make many decisions every day that we are unaware of, and these non-conscious thoughts, emotions and biases influence our buying decisions. Understanding the unconscious behaviours of your audience enables you to reach them through engaging design and UX.


The How

Knowing how consumers interact with a website, a brand, an experience or a piece of content is vital to helping us to identify what makes an effective design. We use three key elements to identify how consumers react to marketing materials: eye tracking, galvanic skin response and facial coding. These give real insight into how engaging a design really is, and where people tend to fixate their attention. With this data, we can produce and test creative outputs to find a solution that is perfect for you. 

We are an agency with a difference: our team of neuromarketing and graphic design experts know how to utilise neuroscience principles to effectively target customers and produce content that is psychologically proven to work.



About LAB - Graphic Design Company in London

LAB is an award-winning Drupal agency based in London, working with organisations to implement effective digital strategies and experiences based on extensive human insight.


We provide a number of digital services in addition to Drupal website development, including branding and designapp developmentdigital marketing and more. 


LAB was founded over 15 years ago and now boasts 55 full-time members of staff in London and Cape Town. We have been featured in The Drum’s Top 100 Independent Agencies.


Get in touch to discuss Drupal website development or find our more about LAB.