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The Why

Your website is your business’ business card, so as a web development agency, we know how important it is - and how to make it work for you. Our dedicated team of web developers based in London are ready to collaborate with you on creating an emotionally engaging and functional website.

The What

Starting by asking what the objectives of the company are and what is best for it, we then look at your requirements for what platform features are going to fit best, as well as which integrations would be most beneficial.

We provide Sitecore and Drupal website development. These websites are .net and .php based - we’re agnostic when it comes to the language of the platforms, being able to fit each specific client’s requirements. As web development experts, we work to ensure that our services fit with your needs - whatever they might be.

Powered by extensive and intuitive data analytics and insights, our web development strategies ensure that your website is achieving its objectives and elevating your business as it should be.


The How

Consumers are irrational - so we have developed a unique approach based on established psychological theories to quickly and clearly identify the irrational desires of your target audience. Gain a deeper understanding of your customer, make better predictions of their responses and influence them more precisely.  

As consumers are also emotional, we use research methods from neuroscience to predict, measure and influence non-conscious, emotional reactions and perceptions. We use this information as part of our web development process, and provide you with the insight needed to create a persuasive website. 

Sitecore enables us to use its extensive personalisation solutions. With A/B testing becoming increasingly more and more intelligent, we are able to track engagement value throughout the site - by profiling people, the platform can see which content works best across a range of profiles and adapt and optimise it accordingly. We can also track and store key customer data and improve customer interactions across channels.

We also create integrations with CRMs (such as Dynamics or Salesforce), email marketing platforms (Mailchimp, Dotmailer etc.), booking systems and transactional e-commerce sites.

Our methodology is Agile through and through - we also offer support. As a web development agency that covers everything, our unique approach lies in our obsession with human behaviour and creating experiences that truly engage them. To achieve this ambition we have a set of principles that we put in place - ask us about it.

So What

When it comes to development and web hosting services, we understand that you’re looking for someone reliable and competent who you can trust can do the job well. We’re just that - a web development agency with a team of dedicated developers one of which has been a Sitecore MVP for 3 years running, we’ve amassed the knowledge and built the skills that we need to transform the experience that you offer your customers.

To create deeply engaging experiences we need deep human insight. At LAB we blend a mixture of psychology, behavioural economics and neuromarketing to predict, measure and influence non-conscious, emotional reactions. 

See how we achieved all of these objectives in our work with Vesta here.

About LAB - London Web Development Company

We’re an award-winning web development agency that offers a full suite of digital services, uniquely mixed with a blend of neuromarketing, psychology and behavioural economics. Founded over 15 years ago, the agency consists of 55 full-time staff with offices in London and Cape Town. Our clients include Sage Pay, Wax Lyrics and Snap-on Tools to name a few.

LAB works with enterprise level organisations to implement successful digital strategies and to design, build and market digital brands and experiences. Featured in The Drum’s Top 100 Independent Agencies, LAB was also recently named a ‘One to Watch’ in Econsultancy’s Top 100 Digital Agencies 2018.

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