Drupal Agency - Drupal Website Development

The Why

Drupal is one of the UK’s leading open-source content management systems - and one of our preferred development systems at LAB.


We are an award-winning Drupal agency creating unique and effective websites for clients that utilise psychological insights and analytics to better influence user behaviour.


Drupal is a flexible system that allows us to create the right user experience every time through building to exact specifications. Having identified the psychological factors impacting your customers - whether they know it or not - we can then implement the right elements to achieve the right results using Drupal’s device responsive, secure software.



The What

At LAB, our approach to Drupal website development starts with objectives. We work with you to gain an understanding of your business goals and how your website will contribute to the achievement of them, before identifying specific website requirements.


Then, we incorporate our expertise in neuroscience and consumer behaviour into the Drupal website development and design process. We will work with you to understand your requirements and the needs of your customers and identify how best to influence the non-conscious decisions that consumers make about your brand.



The How

As a neuromarketing-focused Drupal agency, we are able to conduct extensive user testing, analysing elements such as facial expressions, galvanic skin response and eye movement tracking to improve user experience and produce relevant messages at the individual user level.


We can then closely track engagement rates to understand how effectively your website is engaging your desired audience. Here, we can adapt and optimise content and UX accordingly following extensive testing.


Using Drupal also allows us to integrate sites with a wide range of external software such as CRMs, marketing platforms, as well as ecommerce or booking systems for seamless and efficient processes.


Our approach to Drupal website development is both agile and unique; our focus on human behaviour and creating experiences that truly engage people is at the centre of all we do.



About LAB - London Drupal Development Services

LAB is an award-winning Drupal agency based in London, working with organisations to implement effective digital strategies and experiences based on extensive human insight.


We provide a number of digital services in addition to Drupal website development, including branding and design, app development, digital marketing and more. 


LAB was founded over 15 years ago and now boasts 55 full-time members of staff in London and Cape Town. We have been featured in The Drum’s Top 100 Independent Agencies.


Get in touch to discuss Drupal website development or find our more about LAB.