Sitecore Agency - Sitecore Development Services

The Why

Sitecore is one of the UK’s most well-established content management systems and we often use it for web development projects at LAB.


The flexibility provided with Sitecore allows us to design personalised and unique experiences that generate results for our customers. As a Sitecore agency that is grounded in neuroscience marketing, we utilise data and psychological insights and in-depth customer profiling to shape an individual approach for each client.


The What

The LAB approach to providing Sitecore development services takes a focus on company and website objectives. We work closely with clients to understand how the website will help achieve their business goals and identify the role research and insight can play in the development process.


Using neuroscience to provide insight into buyer behaviour and online user experience, our Sitecore website development team will gain a deeper understanding of both your business and its customers. From here we work to identify how best to influence the non-conscious decisions that users make when navigating your website.


Understanding the non-conscious influences of your customers helps our Sitecore agency experts create a website that works to its full potential in engaging and retaining your audience.



The How

Sitecore features tracking and analytics features which enable us to gather extensive data on how users are engaging with the website. This feeds into the continued refinement of the website to maximise user engagement, interest and influence user behaviour.


Sitecore is also able to seamlessly integrate digital marketing tools for clear visibility over marketing performance. Additionally, Sitecore’s built-in security protection means you feel confident that your website is fully protected.

The LAB approach to providing Sitecore development services is about being agile and using advanced insight into human behaviour to help our clients better understand themselves and their potential customers. Find out more about our formula for success.



About LAB - London Sitecore Development Services

Founded fifteen years ago, LAB is an award-winning Sitecore agency based in London and Cape Town. We provide digital marketing and Sitecore development services to organisations, encouraging them to create and implement effective strategies based on neuromarketing principles.


In addition to Sitecore development, we also provide app development and design services as well as executive coaching and helping leaders to thrive through digital cultural change.


To find out more about our Sitecore development services or how LAB works, please get in touch.