Sound & Music Production

The right music can turn a mundane experience into an unforgettable one. Our team have designed amazing soundtracks for video, sourced grime artists for gigs, and are close to many of the largest DJs in the world. We know our music.

The LAB Difference

LAB is a group of independent specialist agencies blending consumer psychology and behavioural marketing to create groundbreaking creative experiences in sound and music production.

Working with artists and artists such as DJ EZ and brands such as London Fashion Week our creatives bring an unrivalled approach to sound and music production to your brand and to your customer's experience.

How can LAB Groups Sound and Music production experts help your brand to create unparalleled experiences:

  • Unparalleled understanding of new audiences

  • Connecting your brand to the new culture

  • A design approach that breaks boundaries

  • Unique product launches

  • Event and music video sound production

  • Bespoke branded social media content

  • Creative Direction and Branding

  • Motion Design and Animation

  • Immersive experiences in 3D, AR and VR