Corporate Communications Agency

Corporate Communications Agency creating content that connects

Keeping your staff, shareholders, and stakeholders engaged is hard. Getting everyone on board to understand and strive towards – common goals is even harder.  We get it.  You want your corporate message to command attention, resonate with your audience, spur action, and build brand loyalty. And that’s what LAB Group’s corporate communications team does best. As an award-winning Corporate Communication agency we use a unique blend of imagination, deep thinking, and human insights, to create consistent brand narratives that get your message noticed for all the right reasons.  

A Corporate Communications Agency bringing the meaningful to the technical 

With years of experience in corporate communications working with multinational brands, our communications experts help brands like yours to tell corporate stories that can’t be ignored.  We go beyond your average PowerPoint presentation to unlock your creative potential and deliver corporate media assets that matter.  Bringing a human element to the forefront of your corporate campaigns, we help you tell your story using written expressions, conceptual design, film, animation, and creative tech.   We’ll also help you identify the mediums that will help you communicate your corporate message in the most effective way – no matter what your budget. 

The LAB Difference

We know how important it is for your corporate communications to command the right attention and our unique approach helps you do just that.  Powered by human insight, we work closely with our own behavioural science experts to create corporate communications with a difference.  Mixing digital, creativity, and communications with a deep understanding of human behaviour, our corporate communications team works with organisations like yours to deliver new approaches, emotional impact, and tangible results. 

Here’s how LAB Group’s Corporate Communications makes a difference:

  • Creative corporate presentations that connect with audiences

  • Stakeholder engagement that spurs action

  • Sales and investment pitches with CSR and ESG in mind

  • Insight-led communications planning

  • Messaging architecture and execution

  • Multi-channel narrative development

  • Stakeholder mapping

  • Purpose identification and reputation management

  • Sales and investment pitches with a human edge

  • Internal communications that resonate

  • Scripts, media, and animation that elevate corporate messages