Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Consulting

Creating ESG communication campaigns that drive change

At LAB Group, our ESG consulting specialists work with businesses, social influencers, and NGOs across all sectors to stand out from the crowd, make an impact, and achieve long-term positive change.  As specialists in sustainability communications, our award-winning ESG communications experts know how to transform the good that you do into compelling stories that deliver results and drive change.  Bringing ESG to the forefront of brand messaging, we help brands like yours to align their values on societal and environmental aspects with those of staff, stakeholders, shareholders, and investors to elevate their business potential.  And we do this in a way that boosts ESG scores, drives change, delivers results, and keeps our clients one step ahead of the competition.

Corporate purpose meets creativity

Our clients play an active part in making the world a better place. From climate change and health and safety to business ethics and wider sustainability. We’re here to make sure their positive practices make an impact through ESG.  LAB's communications agency has years of experience helping multinational brands to put ESG at the forefront of their campaigns, we transform corporate purpose into captivating stories that get results.  Our award-winning ESG communications team combines in-depth knowledge of best-practice trends with digital intelligence, human insights, and imagination to create engaging campaigns that build trust among audiences, investors, and other stakeholders. 

With environmental, social, and governance at the forefront, we use creativity to elevate the meaning of your message across every touch point and channel for optimal results.  We also make sure your message connects and engages in a way that elevates your brand’s reputation, builds sustainable relationships, boosts brand loyalty, and achieves your key business and financial objectives.

We understand how important it is to play an active part in making the world a better place. We also know that you want your ESG performance to positively impact your financial performance and value creation by offering value to staff, customers, stakeholders and shareholders. Our unique approach to creative ESG communications helps you do just that.  Powered by human insight, we work closely with our own behavioural science experts to create corporate campaigns that succeed.  Mixing digital, creativity, and communications with a deep understanding of human behaviour, our ESG communications team works with organisations like yours to deliver new approaches, emotional impact, and tangible results.  It’s a fresh approach for a different kind of creative. And it delivers sustainable outcomes that will change your brand image for the better.

Here’s how LAB Group can optimise ESG:

  • Creative communications planning, led by human insight

  • A multi-channel approach for optimal impact

  • An integrated approach to business objectives, brand strategy and creativity

  • Issue-based communications

  • Employee and stakeholder engagement

  • Results-driven, multichannel campaigns that drive positive action and outcomes

  • Messaging architecture and execution

  • Meaningful storytelling and narrative development

  • Purpose identification and reputation management

  • CSR management and ESG management

  • In-depth audience insights

  • Sustainability communications and reporting

  • ESG-focused strategies, targets and KPIs