Attribution Modelling

Harnessing Marketing Attribution To Make More Informed Decisions

With so many different digital touch points available, it can be complex to evaluate and attribute ROI to each of your marketing channels. 

We know that effective data analysis can be one of your most powerful tools for managing your marketing investment. 

You want to invest in the right places and connect with your audiences across the most effective digital touch points. Dissecting the consumer journey and forecasting consumer behaviour is what our attribution specialists do best. 

Harnessing our unique blend of data, creativity, and knowledge of emerging tech, we can build powerful data models that give your brand the leverage to make more informed marketing decisions and de-risk your marketing spend.

Data Science Meets Human Behavioural Insights to Attribute Marketing

Understanding which marketing channels deliver the best ROI can be invaluable, but with so many different marketing channels how do you know which ones will be the most effective, next?

With our specialism in behavioural science and expertise in data analysis, we can predict increases and decreases in lead generation across each of your marketing funnels, so you are always investing in the channel that appeals to the right people at the right time. 

Adopting a human-led approach offers a more connected view of your user journey. Allowing for more effective scenario planning and forecasting, and optimising your marketing strategy.

The LAB Difference

Consumers navigate through thousands of digital touchpoints each day, and with more and more ways to connect, a more flexible approach to attribution modelling is needed.

LAB Group’s collection of best in class agencies unites expertise in data science with a deep understanding of the digital space and human behaviour to deliver unparalleled insights and predictions about your consumer journey. Giving you the power to make effective decisions based on reliable data-driven insights.

It’s a formula that allows us to take our client’s marketing strategies to the next level. Delivering tangible results and shaping your brand’s competitive edge. 

Here’s how LAB Group’s Marketing Attribution & Data Analysis Services can help

  • Audience insights and in-depth consumer profiling

  • Advanced data collection and analysis

  • Multi-channel, multi-site and multi-language platform insights

  • Consumer journey mapping

  • Trend and behavioural predictions based on human behavioural insights

  • Purpose identification