Lab's Empathy Mapping Psychology Model

Monkey Lion Dog

People really love finding out about themselves, don’t they? Lab wanted to reflect this by creating an interactive game that linked to our unique psychology model, currently used for building personas and much more...


Monkey Lion Dog helps us to empathise with all aspects of decision-making: the rational, the irrational and the emotional. We wanted to drive the interactive personality profiling quiz as a social campaign which would be shared on all social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The objective was that of gaining brand awareness as well as demonstrating our proposition at Lab: being human centered.

"Our methods of uncovering the intrinsic motivations of users is based on some complex psychology, but it can still be creative and fun. We have created this cheeky questionnaire to give you a flavour of the different motives that drive our behaviour."

- Daryll Scott, Director of Human Technology