Opayo (formerly Sagepay)

How we more than doubled traffic and increased leads by 118%

Opayo is a well-established payment provider whose value proposition is to provide the most secure and reliable payment service on the market. In addition to this Opayo pride themselves on providing customer support that is second to none.

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The challenge

In August 2018 LAB received the initial brief and business case for a project to review and improve the Opayo website.

Opayo approached LAB looking to solve a problem.
About 5 years ago opayo.co.uk was reskinned and post-launch this saw great results. However, since then the leads coming from opayo.co.uk have been steadily declining over the last few years.

The Exploratory Phase

All too often humans will naturally jump straight to the solution, without having properly understood the problem or what they’re trying to achieve.

We knew from the outset of the project that a very likely cause of this decline was the lack of evolution over the last few years. Since the initial successful launch of the reskinned website, not a great deal had changed.

However not wanting to jump to conclusions we agreed to run an exploratory phase before proposing a solution.

This kicked off the project in February 2019, with LAB running of a series of workshops:

Analytical Analysis

  1. Looking for trends
  2. Identifying problem areas
  3. Understanding our customer segmentation

Agreement of our objectives

  1. The business goals we were striving to achieve
  2. What our customers are looking for when the come to the site

Mind Mapping The Solution

  1. Based on our business goals and who the customers are, we began to map out the solution

In running this process we identified additional problems that needed to be solved including; poor optimisation of the website for mobile devices, which was resulting in poor SEO and also a couple of company policies that customers were leaving negative reviews about.

Above all though, what became very clear was that the PPC was a major contributing factor to the decline in leads.
A lack of investment in this area had seen traffic to the site declining and worse still where campaigns had been run and successfully brought traffic in, the site failed to convert this traffic to leads.

The Solution

These findings allowed us to create a clear strategic roadmap for the months ahead, all of which is aimed at meeting our business goals and better serving Opayo's customers.

Work began in a couple of workstreams all aimed at delivering a greatly improved customer experience and on our business goals.

User Journeys

These findings allowed us to create a clear strategic roadmap for the months ahead, all of which is aimed at meeting our business goals and better serving Opayo's customers.

Work began in a couple of workstreams all aimed at delivering a greatly improved customer experience and on our business goals.

A key page identified for an overhaul in our journey was the Online payments page. A high percentage of the site traffic navigates to this page and with people engaged our goal was to convert more to leads.

There's more to this than meets the eye.

The new page uses subtle nudges to draw your attention to the contact details. If you look at the colouring of the site you'll notice that the branding is pale blues and greens, with a background. The bright pink is reserved only for important calls to action as you can see here with the buttons on the left. Note also the choice of lifestyle imagery. We naturally look at what the person in the photo is looking at. Here her face points towards the call to action. Stepping back to Opayo's value proposition we use iconography to help reassure users that we're secure and here to support you in a partnership.

See what we did next for SEO

Reflect Digital Introduced

To resolve the issues with SEO and PPC we introduced LAB’s partner agency Reflect Digital to the project. Reflect specialise in Digital Marketing and were perfectly positioned to resolve some of the issues identified in our exploratory phase.

Prior to any SEO work, Opayo were struggling with keyword positions across a broad range of search terms, whether this be for products specifically, or more for long-tail research type search terms. In other words, Opayo were a long way behind their competitors in terms of search visibility across the whole market.

Online Payments Page

  • Keyword Research to determine where improvements were required.
  • On-page content amendments with use of keywording, to encourage improved keyword positions while maintaining the required tone of voice and excellent customer experience.
  • Meta data amendments to coincide with keyword research, to allow improved keyword positions for specific search terms.
  • Improvement of internal linking to ensure users have access to the appropriate areas of the website quickly and easily, and to improve keyword positions for the online payments page.

All of the above tasks were utilised in Q4 of 2019 for the Online Payments page specifically, utilising keyword research to amend page titles and on-page content to target specific search terms for the page.

Traffic Improvements

1 Nov 2019 to 31 Mar 2020 versus previous year same period.

Online Payments Page: +65.6% sessions YoY (users landing on the page through organic search traffic only)

Keyword position improvements:

Comparing July 2019 (first time of tracking keywords) to March 2020.

Keyword Position July 2019 Position March 2020
“Online payment” 38 8
“Online payment systems” 10 6
“Taking payments online” 11 4
“Online payments processing” 13 10
“Payment solutions” 34 5
“Card payments online” 7 3
“Online payment processing” 31 13

Business Insights Content (Blog Content)

Reflect Digital have also introduced blog content into the Opayo website to help targeting more research-type search terms - i.e. when a potential customer is considering setting up an online business, competitors have help and information guides to target these kind of individuals, but Opayo is really lacking.

  • Target Subjects: Topics were identified where competitors had presence for subjects that are regularly searched for, but Opayo had little to no presence. 64 items of content were then produced, with topics ranging from “How much is a card machine?” to “What is PCI DSS?” and “The importance of scaling your business”.
  • Keyword Research: All of these items of content were produced alongside keyword research to determine our plan of attack, with each content piece targeting a specific few search terms.
  • Copywriting: Use of a range of copywriters depending on the topic area and tone of voice required.
  • Meta Data: Each of these pages have specific meta data applied in order to allow performance in search results for the keywords we are targeting specifically.
  • Internal Linking: Introduction of internal linking between blog posts and between service/product pages, to aid user experience and to improve keyword positions for the linked pages.
Results - Keyword position:

This is still in development, however with the content produced so far, we have already seen immediate results in terms of providing visibility for search terms that never had visibility previously, including the below:

Keyword Position Position
“Cashless payment system” 100+ 3
“Cashless payment” 100+ 3
“Credit card processing” 23 7
“What is PCI compliance?” 71 14

Results - Traffic:

What was a stale blog section, driving single number digits of visits from search results, is already seeing several hundred visitors, with only partial implementation of the content plan.

See what we did next for SEO

The Results

Comparing the year to date with the same period last year shows a fantastic upturn. We’ve seen some incredible results from the updates that have been made to the website.


Traffic to the website has more than doubled. We’ve seen a massive uplift in traffic across all channels.

The marketing campaigns we’ve run through the Google Display Network have been the real star of the show here. This was an untapped opportunity previously that has generated huge amounts of valuable traffic.

Bounce Rate

Having landed on the site traffic is also significantly more engaged with the new designs and content. As a result, our bounce rate has halved as people continue to browse the website.

Avg. Session Duration
Avg. Time on Page

We have seen a slight downturn in the number of pages that users are browsing in a session.

This could point to lower levels of engagement, as we’ve delved deeper into this though we’re confident that this actually not a problem.

Users are still spending the same amount of time browsing the website. Now though they are instead getting to the content they’re looking for with fewer clicks and instead are spending more time viewing the content. So what we’re actually seeing here is the refined navigation getting people to the content more efficiently and the content more successfully engaging with the user.

Interestingly a lot of the new traffic we’re now tapping into is the younger audience. In all honesty, this wasn’t our intention, but it’s great to see that the project we’ve delivered is tapping into new audiences.

Web to Lead

With double the amount of traffic we have also seen a considerable increase in the number of leads being generated.


We have also seen a slight increase in the conversion during this time.

Roadmap for the Future

This project has demonstrated just how important it is to move with the times and continue to evolve.

As you can see from this report we’re now undertaking the analytical analysis of the website as part of our regular routine.

We use this analysis to prioritise developments strategically and check that we’re seeing the results we’re looking for.

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