Success Story

Digital Podge

Founded by Phil Jones in 1994, Digital Podge is a unique invitation-only event series exclusively for the digital industry. Each year, Phil assigns an agency to design the creative concept and visual identity for the event - last year, LAB had the honour of doing so.

LAB’s concept for the now-legendary event, Unconsciously Coupling, was based on the insight that Podge has been creating links between people since its very launch – from marriages through to business partnerships.

In order to add our special touch, we used behavioural insights to enhance the on-the-day event experience. Adding Microsoft Cognitive Services to the mix, we created a 'Booth of Truth' which analysed the attendees' emotional response during a conversation crafted by our in-house NLP practitioner.

You guys rock!!!! We have had so much fun and so much great feedback from this Digital Podge. You have raised the bar to a ridiculous level now for the next agency in line. Brilliant job.

- Phil Jones, creator of Podge