With the majority of it's GenZ audience shopping via mobile, Superdry wanted to reimagine the mobile shopping experience for them, moving beyond a generic desktop-led legacy design and to explore emerging conventions such as thumb-only usability and tap/swipe interactions, inspired by social media behaviours.

Superdry has been nominated for 2023 BIMA Award!

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Science meets style

To find out what users thought we partnered with Studio Blup, who engaged BLUP:GEN, their audience panel made up of a diverse range of over 300 GenZ users, to hear from them about their needs from an e-commerce experience. Armed with qualitative, quantitative and technical insights, we provided Superdry with a new design that was better aligned to their needs of their audience, made better use of phone functions and improved the usability of the site.

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"There's a reason why Superdry partnered with LAB. They understand the complex challenges facing brands right now and have the broad, in-house talent to help a client face those challenges head-on and thrive. A no-brainer of an investment."

Mark Harvey, Head of Digital


Moving to a performant composable platform

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