Success Story

The Guardian Holidays

We collaborated with The Guardian to redesign The Guardian Holidays website, bringing it up to date with our previous designs for The Guardian Bookshop and The Guardian Shop.

We worked with The Guardian’s research agency, internal design team and platform builders to produce a new UX and design which sits neatly between the practical needs of an ecommerce site and the aspirations of a holiday brochure site. The finished product does exactly that, and has seen a 500% uptick in conversions.

The Results

The final website was proudly promoted across the Guardian network by their internal teams, and increased unique visitor sessions by 98% with users spending longer on the site overall.

Customers returning through organic search are now converting at a rate 5x that of the previous site.



Uptick in site conversions


Increase in unique visitor sessions


Increase in session duration


Reduction in bounce rate

“We’re really happy with the new Guardian Holidays website. It’s given the brand the lift that it really needed, it is much more aesthetically appealing, and it’s better meeting the needs of our customers. The project was run incredibly well and Lab were a really fun team to work with on this project." Holly Macartney, Head of Ecommerce, The Guardian