Making Hay while the Sun Shines – Three of Summer’s Exciting Tech Developments


The last bank holiday until Christmas has just passed us by in a sunny (ish) haze, and if that isn’t bad enough, some people regard it as marking the end of summer. So, defiantly, we’re choosing to prolong it for another blog post as we relive three of the most interesting developments in tech that have occurred over the past couple of months.

Nintendo made AR an everyday thing

It’s impossible to talk about the summer of 2016 and tech without mentioning Pokémon Go. Nothing in the history of the internet and consumer tech has ever had an adoption of more than 100 million global users in only six days (the last record was set by Candy Crush, which took a year and three months to reach the same level).

Apart from engaging people all over the world, Nintendo has succeeded to make Augmented Reality (AR) mainstream through Pokémon Go. Although having been used by several companies before, such as Ford and House of Fraser, there is no doubt that Pokémon Go is a turning point for AR technology.

Round up:

The success of Pokémon Go is a sure sign that AR is here to stay. The app might also be the dawn for a new type of social media platform, in which people not only meet and interact online – but also, and maybe even more importantly, offline.

Amazon’s started to test drone deliveries in UK airspace

At the end of July, Amazon revealed the latest news about its drone delivery project Prime Air. With immediate start, the company was granted special permissions by the UK government to test its drones in the country. The airborne delivery system is promising to get products to consumers in just 30 minutes, which halves the time of the company's current, and already fairly revolutionary in terms of delivery windows, high-speed service Amazon Prime Now.

Amazon’s increased testing indicates that drone deliveries can become reality in a near future. When they do, the service will indeed change the rules within the commerce sector. In a future in which Amazon can deliver a product even faster than it takes to go to a store, buy the product and get back home again, what incitements are there to leave the comfort of your sofa?

Round up:

Industry experts predict that Amazon’s Prime Air will not only change the e-commerce game, but also change the way we send and receive packages. Prime Air will most likely also make drones become more mainstream - forcing developers to improve their functionality even further.

Facebook stepped into the ad blocker battle

The past year’s explosive growth in downloads of ad blocker plugins has been a troublesome dilemma for advertisers and media corporations. By the end of this year, usage of ad blockers is predicted to have more than doubled in just two years.   

In August, Facebook joined the growing number of companies who have taken action against ad blockers by bypassing them on its desktop website. In a blog post, Facebook announced that all users with ad blockers installed were going to be presented with advertising on the platform, but that they also would get increased opportunities to manually remove specific preferences in order to opt-out of certain adverts. 

Facebook claim that the new approach to ad blockers is a way to cater the users’ will, whilst critics proclaim it to be a way for the company to simply increase revenue.

Round up:

Facebook is of course only one platform, but a powerful one. Based on Facebook’s position within the digital industry, the company’s stance will most likely inspire even more companies to choose the same solution for overwinning ad blockers.

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By Anna Sterner

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annasterner [12:58 PM] Anna has several years of experience of working with marketing in a number of European countries. In the role as Marketing Manager at Lab, she ensures that we/our brand remain/s top of mind amongst digital agencies in the UK.

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