SHH launch new website 


The Project

Architecture and interior design specialists, SHH have launched a beautiful new website.

SHH wanted to take their existing site, simplify it and make it more user friendly - which Lab was more than happy to help with.

SHH, being the talented designers they are, provided the images of their work along with designs for the site, which Lab built and advised on using the CMS WordPress.


SHH new website revealed


The site now showcases the impressive range of SHH's portfolio, with professional imagery that leads the production of the beautiful new site.


SHH interior design specialists 


About SHH

Founded in 1991 by David Spence, Graham Harris and Neil Hogan, SHH is a London-based Chartered Architecture and Interior Design practice that is dedicated to creating residential and hospitality projects with integrity, intelligence and flair.

We’ve earned our reputation as a globally sought-after practice because the spaces we create are brimming with personality, but they’re also effective and smart.

When you commission SHH, we build a bespoke team to perfectly match your needs. We pride ourselves in the seamless delivery of exceptional projects.


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