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Neuromarketing is the surprising science of gut feel.


The Why


Your audience is making decisions about your brand, product and service based on a myriad of psychological influences that they are not even aware of.


LAB is a neuromarketing agency whose unique psychology model can identify what really motivates your audience - rationally, irrationally and emotionally.


People are not robots. Behavioural economists know that consumers are irrational, and Neuroscientists know that most decisions are emotional - even the very logical ones.


This can be an inconvenient truth, or it can be your competitive advantage.


At LAB we never forget that everything we create is for a real human being.


The What


Our lightning-fast emotional reactions to media influence perception, meaning and behaviour.


Consumers are emotional - so we use neuroscience marketing research methods to predict, measure and influence non-conscious, emotional reactions and perceptions. Make any communication more effective and de-risk your creative spend by measuring emotional impact.


The How


We have developed a unique approach based on established psychological theories to quickly and clearly identify the irrational desires of your target audience. Gain a deeper understanding of your customer, make better predictions of their responses and influence them more precisely. (See how we did this with CA Technologies here.)


Using the largest technology we decode audience reactions and create principles that measurably influence behaviour.


So What?


To create deeply engaging experiences we need deep human insight. At LAB our neuroscience marketing experts blend a mixture of psychology, behavioural economics and neuromarketing to predict, measure and influence non-conscious, emotional reactions.


You can achieve extraordinary results by empathising with the motives of your audience and creating emotionally relevant messages and incorporating this into neuroscience advertising and design.


The results are often beyond surprising. Please get in touch to discover more.


About LAB - London Neuroscience Marketing Experts


We’re an award-winning neuromarketing agency that offers a full suite of digital services, uniquely mixed with a blend of neuromarketing, psychology and behavioural economics. Founded 15+ years ago, the agency has grown to 55 full-time staff with offices in London and Cape Town. Our clients include Sage Pay, Wax Lyrics and Snap-on Tools to name a few.


LAB implements successful digital strategies and provides neuromarketing-influenced design, build and marketing services for enterprise-level organisations. Featured in The Drum’s Top 100 Independent Agencies, LAB was also recently named a ‘One to Watch’ in Econsultancy’s Top 100 Digital Agencies 2018.


Interested in the ways you can use neuromarketing to boost your digital marketing presence? Take a look at our pages on app development and introduce yourself to our London-based team of neuromarketers and digital strategy consultants to see how we can help you transform your business.