Emerging Tech: 3D, AR, VR

Blending creativity and technology to create immersive digital experiences

Our team of creative experts and technology experts work together to create immersive digital experiences that really push creative boundaries.

Using 3D, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) we create experiences that connect with your audience and communicate your brand story in new exciting ways.

The LAB difference

With our unique blend of behavioural insights, creativity and technological know-how we help brands to cut through the mundane and engage users on a whole new level.

We use digital storytelling blended with our expertise and know-how of emerging trends we work with progressive brands to create immersive digital experiences such as 3D, AR and VR to communicate your story across every touchpoint.

Trusted by brands such as Tottenham FC, Coty, and supporting non-profits such as Hope for Children our digital creatives produce exceptional artwork and digital experiences that break with convention and set brands apart from the ordinary.

Here's how LAB's experts can help to create immersive 3D, AR and VR experiences for your brand:

  • Unparalleled understanding of new audiences

  • Connecting your brand to the new culture

  • A design approach that breaks boundaries

  • Unique product launches

  • Bespoke branded social media filters

  • Creative Direction and Branding

  • Motion Design and Animation