Our "Marty's Universe" Project


A recent piece of research revealed children with allergies are not only likely to lose out on priceless memories, but are also more vulnerable to being bullied at school. Danone was determined to create a more inclusive world, in which allergy impacted families would not miss out on precious moments and children would see their allergy as a difference to embrace, rather than be ashamed about.



Built and designed for Danone, a globalized leading health food and beverage company and innovator.

The Challenge

Danone, with their keen eye for change, wanted to craft a brand to ensure allergy impacted children no longer had to sit on the sidelines during parties or food-sharing moments. Their challenge was shifting perceptions, informing society, driving inclusivity, and most important of all, transforming lives. Together with Danone we strived to support parents, empower kids with allergies and ultimately create trust, support and fun for families.


How we helped

From an initial creative brainstorm, we worked closely with Danone to sketch, map and design their vision. We delivered a mobile-first scalable website coupled with a user-friendly CMS system to build an interactive, impactful experience. We also created  bespoke content, including the unique ‘allergy card’, to coincide with the launch of the new Marty’s Universe brand.

Our aim of changing behaviour, to create something inclusive, build a community and to remove the allergy stigma was incorporated throughout the project. With Danone’s clear ambition, we tasked our creative, consumer neuroscience and development teams to conjure up a deliverable that delivered, and that would ultimately transform the lives of allergy impacted children.

"To work with a team that is engaged, just as passionate as us but are also really fun has been quite a delight." 

- Tanya Pitchforth, Manifesto Innovation Accelerator at Danone