UX Design

Insight-driven design, tangible results

LAB Group have been pioneering UX design since 2003, and we’ve spent the last six years taking it to the next level.

You want to drive users to take meaningful action at every stage of their journey. Our signature, human-centred approach to UX design helps you do just that.

Mixing advanced behavioural science and behavioural marketing with digital and design expertise, we help you deliver seamless online experiences that connect, convert, and drive growth.

UX Design that boost brand performance

The user experience has never been more important, and our unique approach to UX design drives better outcomes – for both brands and their audiences.

Our award-winning team are experts in both humans and technology. And it’s our commitment to both that lets us create meaningful, impactful, and compelling experiences that deliver results – faster.

Adopting a user-centric approach, and our unique understanding of human behaviour we design high-performing experiences that serve audiences the right content, at the right stage of the journey, for maximum emotional impact and optimum ROI.

Seamless and simple, we design experiences that are easy to navigate, and enticing to act on.

From information architecture and branding to visual design and creative content, our unique approach balances function and aesthetics to create the user-friendly experiences your audience craves.

It’s a formula that works. And it’s attracted brands including Keith Prowse, Group, Opayo (Formerly SagePay), Hemsley Fraser, and Harsco to call on our expertise.

The LAB Difference

We’re UX experts with a difference, and we’ve spent the last 18 years creating meaningful online experiences that deliver results.

LAB Group’s UX, digital, and design experts are at the forefront of their fields – and they work seamlessly with our in-house behavioural science specialists to deliver UX designs that help brands to thrive.

Superpowered by human insight, our UX design services deliver deeper experiences, lasting emotional impact, and tangible results.

It’s a formula that lets us elevate UX design to a level you won’t find anywhere else – and it's giving brands like yours a competitive edge.

Here’s how LAB Group’s UX Design Service Can help you:

  • Discovery research

  • Personas

  • Journey mapping

  • Contextual research

  • Concept and usability testing

  • UX expert review

  • UX and semiotics

  • Information architecture

  • Creative content