Human Behaviour

Put consumer behaviour at the heart of your user experience

No matter what industry you are in, aligning your digital strategies with your customers is a priority. Without the tools to uncover how your customers are interacting with your brand, this can be a daunting task.

At LAB Group our unique blend of data-led human behavioural insights and psychology removes the guesswork from digital planning. We work closely with brands to uncover valuable insights into their consumer behaviour. From detailed consumer journey mapping, to dissecting your audience’s language across multiple digital touchpoints, our human behaviour specialists infuse expertise in data and digital from across the group to deliver tangible actions for digital strategies.

Human behaviour focused digital strategies from experts in marketing and behavioural science

Our human behaviour experts across each digital agency in the group utilises a combination of advanced social listening and comparative linguistic analysis tools to gain an unfiltered perspective on your consumer’s behaviour. We interpret collected insights using a psychological framework to offer practical solutions to solve commercial problems in the digital space. De-risking your digital marketing communications and campaign spending.

We tailor our approach to your brand and your questions, so you unpick the thoughts and needs of consumers from specific queries, through to industry-wide behavioural patterns and emerging trends.

Giving you the foresight to plan and launch human-led digital campaigns that keep you ahead of the curve.

The LAB Difference

With so much data at your fingertips, knowing how to practically action your consumer insights can seem overwhelming.

At LAB we go beyond information collecting and emerging trend exploration. Merging psychology and data analysis to pitch human-led digital experiences your brand can implement.

Our behavioural science specialists believe in keeping their finger on the pulse to ensure that all brands we partner with can benefit from the most recent advancements in psychology and social listening tools. That’s why we are partners with City University London and receive government-backed funding for our research into human behaviour and psychology. A partnership that has allowed us to develop innovative intra-browser analysis tools and offline psychological models for a wide range of commercial and social applications.

Align with your audience on a whole new level, and create more engaging digital experiences using marketing and behavioural science with us at LAB.