Data analysis

Evidence-based data analysis methodology that generates actionable insights

Brands like yours want to understand their audience, to know what really makes them tick and understand how your digital strategy can deliver on your audiences wants and needs.

We understand the importance of understanding user behaviour when it comes to your brand's success, and we also understand that harnessing real tangible audience data can be challenging. Our team of cognitive scientists, psychologists and linguists use their combined expertise to develop and implement research methodologies that deliver insights that brands like yours can really put into action.

Our data-driven approach to insights and unique set of tools enables us to analyse language, phraseology, social echo, sentiment, topicality, grammar, influencer activity and many more metrics. This evidence-based method ensures that we deliver unfiltered insight into how audiences think and discuss topics of interest.


We take a hands-on approach to audience research, uncovering new ways to understand consumer behaviour. Our partnership with City University London, combined with funding support from winning government research grants allow our experts to stay on the pulse of the latest developments in marketing psychology research and tools. For unparalleled insights that you can not only collect but implement.


  • Comparative linguistic analysis

  • Insight led creative planning

  • In-depth consumer analytics

  • Access to real-time audience insights

  • Actionable digital strategies influenced by your audience behaviour

  • Qualitative analysis on a quantitative scale

  • Consumer journey mapping

  • Human behaviour

  • Sentiment Analysis & Trends

  • Actionable insights

  • Market research

  • Data Analysis

  • User research

  • New culture