Market Research

Market research driven by real human insights

Our market research takes an academic approach to provide you with human-centric insights that other agencies cannot offer.

From comparative linguistics analysis to our very own patented Intra Browser Vulnerability Assessment tool, our methodology suprasses typical research approaches, we understand that humans are biased and act how they think they should act during research methods such as focus groups. That’s why we use a blended approach to consumer data, psychology and behavioural science to help you properly understand your market or customers.

The LAB Difference

Our team of cognitive scientists, psychologists and linguists use their skills to solve commercial and societal challenges in digital. LABs market research experts take a unique approach, fusing psychology and data science to leverage actionable insights about your target market so that you can build in tangible changes to a human-led digital strategy.


  • Comparative linguistic analysis

  • Insight led creative planning In-depth consumer analytics

  • Access to real-time audience insights

  • Actionable digital strategies influenced by your audience behaviour

  • Qualitative analysis on a quantitative scale

  • Consumer journey mapping

  • Human behaviour

  • Sentiment Analysis & Trends

  • Data Analysis

  • User research