WordPress Agency - Expert WordPress Developers

The Why

WordPress started as a blogging tool and has since evolved into a powerful website builder that is now used worldwide by businesses big and small.


Our team of expert WordPress developers build websites that focus on meeting client objectives and how we can best encourage visitors to engage in the right way with your site.


Using psychological theories and our own research into the behaviour of users as they navigate through websites, we are able to identify what makes a website successful and implement very specific user journeys for your target audience, encouraging positive actions.



The What

At LAB we work closely with our clients to understand how we can support the achievement of overall company objectives and business goals, and the role your WordPress website will play in ‘the bigger picture.’ 


We use neuroscience to identify how consumers respond and behave online, including how they navigate around a website, how they respond to different types of content and the journeys being taken. This deep insight is based on understanding the subconscious behaviours that drive your website users to take certain actions. This is then fed into the development of your Wordpress website.


This knowledge enables us to tailor user experiences and create WordPress websites that achieve the results you need and engage your audience.



The How

WordPress provides a completely customisable platform with simple, seamless integration into external tools and applications to maximise website functionality, and is both secure and search-engine friendly.


LAB is a WordPress agency in London with a team of expert WordPress developers who are experienced and knowledgable in neuroscience for web design. This approach enables us to produce WordPress websites that are driven by data, insights and a deep understanding of human behaviour.



About LAB - London Wordpress Development

For fifteen years, from offices in London and Cape Town, LAB has been providing digital marketing and web development services underpinned by neuroscience to help clients achieve their goals and reach their desired audiences.


As well as WordPress development, we’re also specialists in Sitecore and Drupal. Our other services include neuromarketing, branding and design and digital strategy consulting.


Get in touch to find out more about our formula for success or how neuroscience can strengthen your WordPress website!