System & Data integration


As digital has matured over the last two decades modern systems are being designed to help developments and IT professionals integrate systems in the fastest and simplest ways possible. At LAB we truly believe in a connected world and always design architecture using the best principles to ensure our work is robust and reliable.


LAB has been integrating systems since it was founded in 2003. We understand that integrations can be extremely tricky or very simple depending on how they are approached and planned. This planning starts from the beginning of the project. Our approach is holistic, looking at the long-term plans of your technology roadmap, helping you develop those, and looking for the simplest and most robust way for systems to talk to each other.


In many cases, integrations need careful planning, designing, testing, and then modifying to get them right, and even the simplest integrations are never quite what they seem from the outset. Many promises are made by vendors about ‘point and click’ integrations, but we rarely find any organisation that truly has that experience. Additionally, we rarely find infrastructure that is purely made of modern technologies so we often need to create or use middleware to help new systems talk to legacy software or systems that simply were never designed to provide a robust and real-time API to, for example, a high traffic website or customer support interface.


  • Modern architect integrations (CMS integrations / ecommerce integrations)

  • Production Management

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs)

  • Accounting / payments

  • Legacy system integration

  • High volume data processing

  • Real-time APIs, indexing, search

  • Martech / Adtech integrations

  • Much more...