Commercetools Agency

Data-driven insights for marketing-leading performance

Maintaining an eCommerce platform that allows for custom integrations and provides cost efficiency for your business can present a challenging task.

Transformation in the eCommerce industry is fast-paced. With more products and interactions occurring across different channels and devices, finding a commerce platform that allows you to keep pace is vital. 

At LAB, we harness the flexibility of commerce tools and our expertise in human behavioural science to help eCommerce brands like yours, reach their full digital potential.

Our talented commerce tools developers are experts in crafting seamless digital experiences for your customers. Using our progressive take on consumer profiling, our partnership with Commercetools can transform your digital landscape to match how your customers love to shop. 

Mix the flexibility of Commercetools’ platform with our signature human behavioural approach to marketing and data-driven consumer insights. 

The result?

Unlock the full potential of Commerce Tool’s highly adaptive API for intuitive website design across multiple digital touchpoints. So you can meet your customers where they are.

Superpower your eCommerce Website with behavioural science and commercetools

commercetools is a visionary headless Commerce platform, best suited to supported microservice website architectures. 

It’s 100% cloud-native. It’s 100% API-first. It's 100% global.

As a commercetools partner, we can help to transform your brand into a market leader, whether you sell B2B or B2C by harnessing commercetool’s flexible, headless platform. Our commercetools experts can move your business away from the restrictions of monolithic platforms to evolve the eCommerce stack in new and innovative ways. Crafting eCommerce websites that are customer-centric at their core. 

The LAB difference

With the world of eCommerce progressing at such a fast pace, we know how important it is to get your online store spot on. This is why our commercetools experts within LAB take an insights-driven approach to implementing commercetools for businesses just like yours. 

Our digital experts can provide you with a deeper understanding of how your customers interact with your platforms, moving beyond traditional marketing principles to take your business ahead of the competition.

Here’s how LAB's commercetools development can help

  • Manage influxes in demand across your site with greater ease

  • Optimised user experience

  • Platform migration to and from commercetools

  • Detailed audience insights

  • Personalisation and automation across your eCommerce platform

  • Enhanced upgrades and rebuilds

  • Complex integrations with large applications

  • Bespoke builds

  • 24/7 hosting and support