Managed Services

The infrastructure providing the environment housing your solution - whether it’s a corporate website, ecommerce platform, internal system, high-availability API, or a simple landing page - needs to be aligned to both your requirements as a business and the industry best practices.

It goes beyond simply having a server sitting somewhere that is fast enough to load pages when asked. It needs to be designed for the desired purpose, taking into account what is required now and what will be required in the future. As experts in infrastructure solutions, LAB the knowledge around all potential hosting and infrastructure options to help you understand what fits and what doesn’t.

There is a wide variety of options available that on the surface seem to do mostly the same. However, the different service providers have quite different tooling and configuration abilities along with some quite specific add-ons that may or may not align to the business requirements. LAB has a heritage of understanding web hosting and infrastructure and has partnered up with all of the key providers to allow a truly best fit.

From our expertise in development and infrastructure, LAB design a hosting solution working with you and your team to:

  • Understand the requirements from all stakeholders

  • Compare against the options available, highlighting any risks

  • Plan and discuss options for scalability and reliability

Propose a model that best fits allowing for discussed knowns and unknowns and how any risks would be mitigated leaning on our partnerships with Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Acquia, and many more.

Through a range of consultancy sessions, we create a specification showing the components to use, suggested provider, expected budget requirements and timelines.

The set things up for success, it’s important to get a full picture from not only the people involved in a single piece of work but the wider team to understand and handle the landscape.

With new offerings coming out frequently from the main providers, it can be time-consuming to see where things can be useful to offer new functionality to improve the experience.