Contentful Agency

A cloud-based solution that transforms digital performance 

The digital landscape is changing faster than ever before. Although this has opened up plenty of opportunities for forward-thinking brands, it’s also presented some challenges – especially for slow and outdated tech architecture. 

At LAB, we know how important it is to be slick, speedy, and agile in today’s tech landscape – and a headless content management system has become key to delivering digital experiences. 

As experts in Contentful, we’ll help you utilise the most flexible, cloud-based content management system to give you maximum flexibility, adaptability, and autonomy. 

Launch faster with a modern content platform

LAB’s digital team leads with flexibility as a strategy to make sure your existing tech infrastructure isn’t holding you back. 

As experts in modern tech architecture, we help you adopt a modular approach to content management that delivers results quickly, and at scale, to all your digital touchpoints – from website and landing pages, to apps, AR experiences and more. 

Drawing on the expertise of developers, tech architects, UX designers, strategists, and behavioural marketing experts, we’ll help you get the most out of Contentful – and the rest of your modern tech architecture – to transform your digital presence into engaging, cross-channel experiences that get results.

With a headless content management system in place, we’ll help you use Contentful to: 

  • Streamline your approach to content management with an agile and adaptable modular design

  • Build digital experiences with a content platform that delivers at an enterprise scale

  • Use the leading headless CMS to work with your preferred tools and frameworks

  • Build a flexible content infrastructure that powers content across all your digital channels and devices 

  • Gain the agility you need to navigate a changing tech landscape – and gain a competitive edge in your industry

  • Implement the structure and speed you need for better SEO rankings

  • Adopt modularity and flexibility as a strategy to drive digital growth

If you'd like some help to implement a new website on Contentful then please get in touch with one of our specialists to chat through your requirements.