App Development Company

It’s a common perception that mobile apps are for big, household name brands, but this idea is becoming more and more outdated. The progression of technology and increased possibilities for marketers and their businesses mean that you no longer need to be a part of a million-pound corporation to have your own attractive, well-functioning and effective app.

As a result, an increasing number of small and medium-sized businesses are now understanding that mobile is a crucial part of a robust and effective marketing strategy, and are turning to an app development company like LAB to help them reach mobile-first customers.

Over a billion people are using mobile phones every day, and it is very likely that your customers and target audiences are part of that demographic. Plus, mobile marketing enables businesses to deliver value to customers in new ways, and ways that most resonate with your audience.

It’s no secret that the mobile marketing arena is saturated with attention-grabbing apps. Over the past few years, the Android and Apple App Stores have seen rapid growth, as more and more businesses started to realise that it was becoming an increasingly important touchpoint for their customers and that this was only going to grow.

Creating an app that provides your customers with a rich experience is a surefire way to truly engage with them and increase brand loyalty. Mobile provides brands with a plethora of opportunities - from the excitingly creative to satisfyingly functional.

LAB believes that every single point of communication should be crafted with the end goal in mind: creating an emotionally engaging and memorable experience for your customers.

We know that consumers are irrational - so we have developed a unique approach based on established psychological theories to clearly identify the desires of a target audience. As an app development company that focuses on behavioural insights to fuel strategy, we help clients gain a deeper understanding of their customers and influence them effectively.

We apply our insights amassed through years of studying behavioural economics, consumer psychology and behavioural marketing to everything that we do. In-app development, this takes interesting forms that involve giving consideration to the users’ mindset, their intrinsic motivations and ease of use.

In order to create the most engaging experiences, deep human insight is required. The LAB approach to app design blends a strategic mix of psychology, behavioural economics and neuromarketing to understand, predict, measure and influence non-conscious, emotional reactions.

Mobile is a medium with great potential. When used intelligently and with consideration towards the experience that it creates for the user, it can be a powerful tool to make users feel closer to your brand and therefore inclined to engage with it, and this is the approach that we take as an app development company. We focus on data and insights to generate results.